Amish Barn Oak

  • American Red & White OakSpecies
  • 1m – 3mLength
  • Random 75mm – 230mmWidth
  • 19mmThickness

This Oak is salvaged from old Amish barns which have been abandoned and forgotten in the rural countryside of mid America. A 150 years of weather has produced a character that when sanded reveals a deep rich patina. Some of these boards can be up to 230 mm wide which really goes to show what magnificent trees once grew and can never be replaced. Usually we supply this Amish Oak in mixed widths. This grade allows nail holes and small cracks. Large cracks also allowed as long as the board remains stable and the cracks close when pushed together. Scars and sometimes occasional old woodworm holes also allowed.

  • 9 – 11 %Kiln Dried

Straight edge.
All 75mm – 230mm end matched.

€79.67 per sq.meter/€66.61 per sq.yard + VAT @ 23%
(or zero rated for export)

You can download a PDF of our Retail Brochure here.
Trade Brochure available upon request.

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