Barn Oak Original

  • OakSpecies
  • 1m – 3mLength
  • 75mm/100mm/125mmWidth
  • 19mmThickness

We have left the surface of this grade of Barn Oak untouched: Nothing added but time. It’s finish is bold and bare. There are no subtleties here. This incredible raw look will make a unique profound statement in a living space.
Historic scars and nail holes retained. Small cracks allowed. Larger cracks also allowed as long as the board remains stable and cracks close when pushed together. Some large cracks repaired. Occasional small holes also allowed. Occassional old worm holes acceptable.

  • Moisture content 9 – 11%Kiln Dried
  • Straight edge and end matchedMachined
  • Steel strapped and plastic wrappedPacked

€79.67 per sq.meter/€66.61 per sq.yard + VAT @ 23%
(or zero rated for export)

You can download a PDF of our Retail Brochure here.
Trade Brochure available upon request.

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