Silver Grey Barn Oak

  • OakSpecies
  • 1 metre – 3.5 metreLength
  • Random 75mm – 200mmWidth
  • 19mmThickness

Occasionally we come across an Amish Barn that has stood the harshness of time longer than expected. 150 years of weather has turned these boards subtle shades of silver and grey. This natural reaction offers a unique timeless appeal. This grade is available in flooring as well as paneling. Cracks, nail holes and other historic scars are all allowed contributing to these distinctive boards.

  • Moisture content 9 – 11%Kiln Dried
  • Straight edgedMachined
  • Steel strapped and plastic wrappedPacked

€87.00 per sq.meter/€72.74 per sq.yard + VAT @ 23%
(or zero rated for export)

You can download a PDF of our Retail Brochure here.
Trade Brochure available upon request.

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