For twenty five years David Sumray has travelled extensively, his travels have lead him to places where you would have no other reason to be there other then being intrigued by timber reclamation and the location of forgotten buildings that have stood the harshness of time for hundreds of years.

Passionate about reviving these ancient timbers he opened a saw mill in Ireland and has been shipping this material back since.

How do you turn an old twisted, weather beaten, worm eaten, nail ridden piece of wood into a rich, elegant and spectacular floor?

We are not going to tell you how, it’s taken us twenty five years and cost us dearly in the learning process.

We have wrecked thousand of euro’s worth of machinery and have been told by our bank to go out and get a proper job. However not wanting to let go of the vision and driven by passion we are now proud that we have persevered.

An old twisted, weather beaten, worm eaten, nail ridden, piece of wood has now been transformed, revealing its past, a hidden beauty, a slice of history, that is unique and should be treasured.

“Welcome to our world”