Vintage Lamplighter Room Doors 


Vintage Lamplighter Room Doors 

Immerse yourself in maritime heritage with these remarkable Vintage Lamplighter Room Doors, originally sourced from the lamplighter room of a seafaring vessel. Built with precision and enduring quality, these doors stand as symbols of a rich nautical legacy.

Authentic Origins

These doors were once essential components of a ship’s lamplighter room, providing access to crucial equipment and maintenance supplies. Their maritime history adds a captivating touch to any environment. Fashioned from premium mahogany wood, celebrated for its deep hues and lasting strength. Each door showcases the natural allure of mahogany, with its warm tones and distinguished grain.


  • Circa: 1900s 
  • Material: Mahogany 
  • Dimensions: H 1880mm x W 790mm D 45mm
  • Dimensions: H 1620mm x W 610 D 45mm
  • Condition: Vintage, with age-related patina and character.


Large Door €320 + VAT

Medium Door €250 + VAT

Note: Due to their vintage nature, each door may have unique characteristics and imperfections, enhancing their authenticity. 


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