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For a quarter of a century, David Sumray has traversed the globe in pursuit of his passion for timber reclamation and forgotten buildings that have endured the test of time. He’s been to places where the only logical reason to be there would be pure intrigue. With a burning desire to resurrect these ancient timbers, he set up a sawmill in Ireland and has been shipping the material back ever since.  

The once-old, gnarled, weathered, worm-eaten, nail-infested piece of wood has been reborn into a stunning, one-of-a-kind piece that reveals a slice of history and hidden beauty. It’s a treasure to behold and cherish for years to come.

Railway Sleepers

Why Choose Us For Your Flooring?

Caring For The Planet

Achieving a balance between our roles as consumers and custodians can prove challenging, but reclaimed wood provides a means of recycling a valuable resource while maintaining style and quality.

Extensive Range

We meticulously search the world to procure only the most exceptional materials, which originate from a wide variety of sources, as diverse as the extent of our product range.

Bespoke Finish

In an era of inexpensive mass production, salvaged timber provides something that is becoming increasingly rare: a distinctive and high-quality finish that genuinely reflects our individuality, resonating with us on a personal level.


The story of reclaimed wood, including its origin and appearance, as well as its distinct scent, offers a tangible and mystical connection to the past, allowing us to glimpse its legacy.

Craft Expertise

Through more than 25 years of experience, we have cultivated a discerning eye for quality and design, driven by our unwavering passion for our craft.

Guaranteed Quality

The salvaged stock we procure is often several decades old, which attests to its durability and longevity. Our meticulous selection and restoration processes ensure that it will continue to endure the test of time.

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The History

Upon their arrival in America, the colonists were greeted by vast, ancient forests that had developed over millions of years. These awe-inspiring trees were felled by hand and transported out of the forest with the assistance of horses and mules and were subsequently used to construct America. Unfortunately, this exceptional wood is no longer available, except for what remains in abandoned and forgotten structures that have withstood the test of time.

The Historic Timber Co.

“Where ever floor tells a story”

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Rescuing Our Heritage

The Historic Timber Company rescues rare, one-of-a-kind timber from abandoned and forgotten structures that have withstood the test of time. Through our meticulous restoration process, we breathe new life into the wood, revealing its hidden, exquisite beauty.