Antique Pitch Pine

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Embark on a remarkable journey through time with our Antique Pitch Pine. Salvaged predominantly from the structural elements of old cotton mills. These mills were once the heart of the textile industry, and the beams that held them together have been carefully rescued and repurposed to create a unique connection to this industrial past.

Industrial Relics Reborn:

The journey of Antique Pitch Pine begins within the very framework of cotton mills, where structural beams, having borne the weight of machinery and history, are carefully reclaimed. These beams have played a vital role in the cotton industry, contributing to the textile revolution that shaped our world.

A Glimpse into the Past:

These floorboards carry the marks of time, with knots, checks, and nail holes that tell the story of their previous life. This unique character adds depth and authenticity to your space, serving as a captivating reminder of the history it holds.

Seamless Integration:

The tongue-and-groove design ensures a perfect fit with each board locking securely into place. This precision engineering not only simplifies installation but also enhances the overall aesthetic by creating smooth, gap-free surfaces.

Seize the Opportunity:

Immerse your surroundings in the industrial elegance and nostalgia of Antique Pitch Pine, without the complexities of traditional installation. Each floorboard tells a story of the cotton mill era and invites you to infuse your space with the character and history it holds.


Code: DX57

Species: Pitch Pine

Length: 2m – 4m

Width: 75mm – 230mm

Thickness: 19mm

Kiln Dried: 10% (+/- 2%)

Machined: Machined to Thickness. Tongue and Grooved. End Matched.

€76.00 per sq/m + 23% VAT


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