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Rustic weathered, worn and bleached from the sun gives this board a unique driftwood look. Driftwood is a stunning and sustainable option for those seeking a unique and organic look for their living space.

Driftwood’s natural beauty is preserved in its various textures, colours, and grains, which are a testament to its journey through water and time. Each piece is meticulously chosen, and the wood is expertly treated to ensure its durability and long-lasting appeal.

The neutral and earthy tones make it a perfect choice for creating a relaxed and tranquil atmosphere in any room. It is ideal for creating feature walls, cladding, or even as a striking accent piece.


Code – DW1

Species: Pine

Length: 1.5 meter – 2.4 metre (Majority 2.3m)

Width: 90mm & 200mm

Thickness: 24mm

Machined: Machined to Thickness. End matched. Original Surface Retained. Edges Straitened. 

€48.00 per square metre + 23% VAT

Nationwide delivery available or collection from our sawmill in Killinick, Wexford Y35 YDE2

If you have a custom requirement, contact us at +353 86 823 1124 to discuss your needs or drop us an email at [email protected]

You can also contact us directly through our Contact Page.


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